Advancement and the Arts Graduate Internship Program

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Internship Project Descriptions

This is a project-based internship, meaning each intern will focus on one project for the duration of their internship. Projects may change and vary each semester.

Wilson Center Safety Protocols & Emergency Preparedness Manual

Beyond special guidance for reopening a pandemic, the Center has standard safety protocols and emergency preparedness procedures that need to be synthesized into a singular document. The intern would interview staff on current policies, research policies of other venues when necessary to fill in the gaps, cross-reference policies in place at the college as a whole, and develop this information into a comprehensive manual. Topics include: security, medical emergencies, environmental emergencies, and more. The final product would be a comprehensive safety and emergency preparedness manual.

CFCC Foundation Website Restructure & Content Creation

Websites have always been a critical component of any nonprofit’s communication strategy, but in the era of COVID-19, websites can make or break a nonprofit’s ability to engage with donors. The intern will be responsible for researching website copywriting trends, along with other successful community college Foundation websites, to determine the most successful structure, content, and voice for the highest level of donor engagement and action. The intern will then use this knowledge to propose a new website structure for the Foundation, generating content and copy for all corresponding new web pages. The final product will be a comprehensive collection of all-new digital content for the Foundation’s website.

CFCC Foundation Major & Planned Gift Prospecting

For the average nonprofit organization, 90% of donations come from 10% of donors. It is necessary not just to ask for transformative gifts, but to perform thorough prospect research and create a giving strategy for each individual, in order to be successful. The intern will utilize a broad spectrum of sources to research, organize, and evaluate existing donors’ financial capacity, ability to give, willingness to give, charitable interests, and connection to the organization. Researching successful major and planned gift prospecting practices, the intern will apply their knowledge to determine top prospects and create individualized goals and strategies for each. The final product will be a guidebook of top major giving prospects, with individualized solicitation strategies and goals for each donor.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be a registered graduate degree-seeking student, and must have a minimum 2.5 GPA to be eligible for, and continue, employment with CFCC
  • Excellent, flexible oral and written communication skills
  • A strong interest in the performing arts and humanities
  • A strong work ethic and team-oriented work style
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud (specifically Photoshop and InDesign) is encouraged, but not required

Anticipated Internship Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate critical and innovative thinking
  • Display competence in oral, written, and visual communication
  • Show an understanding of arts and event management
  • Familiarity with technology tools (marketing, social media, video production, etc.)
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to lead diverse groups
  • Demonstrate effective project and time management
  • Understand and interpret government documents/policies in relation to a public institution

Additional Information

Interns are expected to complete 300 hours by the end of the semester, which is around 20 hours per week in the fall/spring. This internship is currently in-person and on-site.

Three (3) hours of academic credit may be received for this internship. Students should check with their academic departments for eligibility. Internship hours include some evening and weekend commitments. Interns are expected to fulfill other assigned duties and participate in staff training.

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