5 New Features You Should Know

The Wilson Center’s new website has been live for about a month now. With the new and exciting design, we thought we’d highlight five new features you may not have noticed yet.

1. News Section

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Wilson Center now has a section on the site dedicated to our own news. Written by volunteers, interns, and staff, these posts will help you stay informed on the latest happenings at the Center. You can find these articles by clicking “News” on the homepage rotator, under “Center Info,” or on the bottom left of any page on the site. Catch up on what we’ve been up to!

2. Calendar View

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Are you more of a visual person? Just like on our previous site, you can view our upcoming events as a grid, but now you can also see those same events in calendar view. Calendar view is a great way to see what’s playing at a glance and know exactly where it will fit in with your schedule.

3. Search Bar

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In a hurry and not sure exactly where to find what you are looking for? Now, simply search for keywords and phrases in our search bar. Click the magnifying glass next to your shopping cart on the top right of the screen to search our entire website. It’s never been easier to find just what you’re looking for!

4. Price Transparency with our “Real Price”

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In May 2019, the Wilson Center switched to a new ticketing platform called Spektrix. One of the cool features of this software is that ticket prices are shown as what buyers will actually pay, so there are no surprises at checkout. We took this a step further on the new site and now include the price range for every show right on the homepage in the “Buy Now” button. You’ll know at a glance just how much you are going to pay—and just how much other 3rd party reselling sites are trying to take advantage of you.

5. Mobile-Friendly

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Our new site was designed with mobile devices in mind. We actually designed the mobile version of the site first, then worked backwards. User experience was our top priority, as we know an overwhelming majority of our patrons utilize our site on their phones. You can even add our site as a bookmark on your home screen for tickets at the touch of a button.

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