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Gift Voucher FAQ:

Is there any difference between a Gift Certificate and a Gift Voucher?

No, we use these terms interchangeably, but our ticketing system uses the term “Gift Voucher.”

Will this Gift Voucher expire? 

Yes, but not until three years from the date of purchase.

What if I lose it?

As long as you keep up with your Voucher Code, we can check your balance and apply that total to your purchase. By that same token, treat your Voucher Code number as if it is cash – don’t leave it lying around, because anyone can use it if they know the number!

Once a voucher is applied to your account, it will remain on your account and may be used until all funds associated with it are depleted.

What happens if I don’t spend the whole balance?

Once you activate the voucher on your account, the remaining balance will stay on that account until you spend it (or until it expires three years from purchase, whichever comes first). If the remaining balance won’t cover the whole purchase amount, you can use any other traditional payment method to complete the purchase. At this time, we do not allow refunds of the remaining balance.

Are there additional fees?

There is no additional fee when purchasing a gift card, but with any ticket purchase, there are fees and sales tax that the gift certificate can be applied to.

Can I order gift certificates online?

Yes! You can click the “Buy a Gift” button above to purchase online at any time, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

You may also call or come by the Box Office, during business hours of Mon-Fri 2-6pm. (Note: the Box Office will close for the holidays from late December – early January.)

Can I use the gift certificate to buy tickets online?

Absolutely! When you get to the Payment section of the online purchase, enter your Voucher Code number in the gift voucher field, and click “Redeem.”

Can you send the gift certificate to my recipient?

Sure! In the “Send To” field, just select “Recipient’s Email Address” to send it to someone other than yourself, and enter their email address in the next field.

Can I mail the gift certificate to my recipient?

Yes! But you will need to call or come by the Box Office, during business hours of Mon-Fri 2-6pm.

How much is it for?

You may enter any dollar amount you desire.

Is my gift certificate redeemable for cash?

No, Gift Certificates may not be traded in for cash.  They may only be used to purchase tickets at the Box Office.

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Gift Certificates

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