Justin Willman Magically Appearing

Justin Willman Illusionati Tour

Magician-comedian Justin Willman will make his CFCC Wilson Center debut on Saturday, August 24, 2024 at 7:00pm as a part of his just-launched Illusionati Tour. Willman invites audiences – who he refers to as a “secret society of theater goers” — to conspire with him “for a night of magic, comedy, and world domination for the whole family.”

Justin Willman is the creator and star of the hit Netflix series The Magic Prank show. He is also well known as the charismatic host of many popular shows, including Baking Impossible; Cupcake Wars; and Win, Lose or Draw.

Careers in magic, and sometimes comedy as well, are often intentionally shrouded in mystery, but Willman transparently explained how he got his start during a 2012 conversation with Meredith Bush of Ladue News, located in Willman’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Reportedly, prior to an accident in junior high – in which attempting to impress some young ladies vis a vis riding a bike while wearing roller blades resulted in two broken arms – Willman had never had any interest in magic (although the nature of the accident suggests an inherent knack for tragicomedy). After spending months with both arms in casts his perspicacious doctors suggested he learn magic tricks as a way to build back his strength and dexterity. And he’s been on a roll ever since.

Willman says there are two types of people who come to see his shows, the first are people who love magic, and the second are people the first people brought along. Both the former and the latter consistently describe seeing Willman as an “amazing” and “mind blowing” experience.

The Wilson Center is a magical place, natch, but having Justin Willman on stage is (happily!) taking us a little deeper into the mystic.

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