Cowboy Man Lyle Lovett Returns

Lyle Lovett and his large band

Lyle Lovett’s most recent album, 12th of June, was released in 2022 and continues the celebrated singer-songwriter’s demonstrated ability to combine the well-loved facets of country music with other American musical genres, including blues, jazz, folk, swing, and gospel to create a sound distinctly his own.

The native Texan has been releasing albums since his self-titled debut in 1986, and from the start of his career has maintained both his privacy – causing Rolling Stone magazine to refer to him as “Country Music’s most mysterious man” – and his unique approach to American music. As a result, both the music and the man remain charming, and surprising.

For example, for over a decade now Lyle Lovett has been photographing each stage he’s appeared on while touring, often capturing fellow musicians in rare up-close moments that might not be accessible to any another photographer. Lovett has explained that photographing his environment began as a way to create content for social media, but has evolved into an artistic expression that compliments his natural storytelling abilities.

When not back home in Texas with his wife and twins, Lovett may be found touring either with his Big Band or his Acoustic Band, though he is just as likely to be found on-stage with a fellow musician (most recently singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb), or in front of a symphony. The musician, who Bonnie Rait once described as “an absolute original” made his debut at the Wilson Center in 2016, and we are excited to welcome him back.

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